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3 Ways to Benefit From a Quarter Million Dollar Meme

by Larry Chiang on February 6, 2022

By Larry Chiang

“3 Ways to Benefit From the 6.15 Bitcoin Meme”
6.15 bitcoin on 2-3-22 is $249,296. Memes are just compression algorithms for complex meaning. If there were a secret handshake amongst Austin Bitcoin society, it’s this 6.15 snippet explained. 
“Full coiner”
The financial goal of having one full bitcoin- Well what about having over six?
6.15 corn is all you will ever need to live with abundance in America. You’d be a ‘full-coiner’ six times over. Gotta hodl that bitcoin.
Before we get this tattoo’ on our biceps as we consume large amounts of carnivorial BBQ, let’s dabble in 3 ways to benefit from this 6.15 meme
-2- Orange pill truth: 
Saving money in a paper money system is not encouraged. Saving to reinvest has not benefited people. The red pill truth is that the US government really likes to print money. 
The interest rate on a savings or checking account has been near zero for 10+ years. The Orange Pill truth is that The CAGR, compound annual growth rate, is staggeringly high. Orange pilling yourself means you start to see
-2- Time preferences. 
So bitcoin tests your ability to delay gratification. Bitcoin is a Marshmallow Test. If you can hold off eating 6.15 Marshmallows, you will have much more than a quarter million loonies. If you can make and money fiat to turn into 6.15 bitcoin you will have aced the time preference test
An example of delayed gratification and winning the time preference test is buying a new car. What a new car will cost you is 2 houses in ten years.
[Insert two PIZZA meme] 
 Another example is two pizzas that cost Lazlow 20,000 Bitcoin could have purchased him 2,000,000,000,000 Satoshi’s 
-3- PROBLEM: At the current market price for housing, we will never own a home in Austin
Solution: Live like a plebiscite and scrounge up 6.15 Bitcoin. Maybe it won’t be a house along the water in Town Lake, but you can buy a 3 BR condo in East Austin and have 5+ bitcoin left
4/ the origin story
6.15 came about when AmericanHodl said some pretty NSFW things in reaction to CZ. 

WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 512-775-8100, that Rudy Garza texted me on
6.15 is the secret dollar amount for UnOfficial Austin 

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