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$300 per lead, $300 in Second Stage Premium, $300 in Internal Escrow for a Student FICO Over 750 to The Student

by Larry Chiang on May 12, 2015

By Larry Chiang

Banks pay Duck9 $300 per lead, 

Duck9 sets $300 in Second Stage Premium, 
$300 in “Internal Escrow” for a Student FICO Over 750. So, $300 is set aside to the student

To start, pay 50% of $900,000.oo by initially PayPal-ing a $5k deposit to (650) 283-8008. So, paypal $5,000 to 650-283-8008. This is the only way to get this deal

Text questions to about “A Celebration and Party to Commemorate Zero College Students Dropping Out”
Quoting the article:

– Banks pay $300 per new lead.
– students get $150 for 6, on-time payments and another $150 when they hit 24 on-time payments (which is a FICO of 750
– the $300 is held in #InternalEscrow inside one of 3000 branch locations

So banks pay $300 per new credit card account Duck9 opens. 
Duck9 executes it’s FICO preparation via 24 perfect interactions with #ExpTransFax. Internal escrow is where the money is deposited earmarked for the student credit card holder. Yup, the credit line is $300 too.

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